Planning a Family Portrait Session? Don't get stressed!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Preparing For The Session

The big day has come for your family photo session. Mom is busy running around trying to get everybody dressed and Dad is chipping in wherever he can to calm things down. The dog is barking non stop and everyone is overwhelmed.

Take a deep breath, look around, and remember why you all are taking pictures in the first place— to show the unconditional love you have for one another. My suggestion...reset the mood.

Choosing The Attire

One of the biggest stressors for organizing a family photo session is deciding on what to wear. Should it be casual, formal, or a mixture? It simply comes down to how you want your story to be told. Many times families ask me to assist with attire and while I love it and look forward to seeing what they ultimately decide day of, I like to suggest for them to look on pinterest or search online for unique color pallets. Understand that different colors create different moods. For example, reds signify love, passion, or anger— while green symbolizes new beginnings, nature, or abundance.

Is it a special occasion? Will props be involved?

If it's a birthday or special occasion, let's discuss it prior to the session so we can make the very best of our time together. Balloons, blankets, and picnic baskets make excellent props for photos. Cake smash sessions are really popular these days. I work with a baker that makes yummy "naked" smash cakes for sitter/milestone sessions.

I recommend that my clients stay away from large logos. In my opinion it throws off the look of the photo. I prefer my clients to coordinate by using colors that work well for each individuals skin tone.

Scout Out A Location

When considering a location, think about it in totality. Does it offer enough versatility to create different scenes? Will we get to see a special appearance from the wildlife that lives there? Do you like to be near the water, or large trees with open scenery?

(This was a special moment for my client. A deer and her fawn appeared during our session. We were sure to remain both still and quiet while enjoying nature at its best.)

Consider places for your kids to enjoy some dessert. Trust me, they will love it and won't mind that we're in the middle of a photo shoot. I'll be like a fly on the wall, HAHA.

(Clients enjoying some ice cream at Clementine's Creamery— Lafayette Square location.)

I hope this helps with planning your next photography session. Remember to relax, reset, and make timeless memories. I've got your back.



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