5 Reasons Your Wedding Needs A Photo Booth!

Now that he's popped the question, you guys had an amazing engagement party, and your bridesmaids are busy planning the bridal shower - how do you envision your wedding day?

Your family and friends are thrilled about your upcoming wedding, and of course, you want your special day to be filled with love, great memories, and fun! In the snap and share world we live in, your guests will enjoy every moment of your wedding and undoubtedly, someone will be sharing all of the festivities on social media. Photo booths provide a fun, entertaining, and captivating experience that is sure to bring your guests together and will make for a perfect addition to your wedding. As an event planner, videographer, and certified YouTuber, I have seen the pure magic a wedding booth can add to your wedding experience. In this post, we will explore 5 reasons you should consider adding a photo booth to your special day!


One of the main reasons to consider a photo booth is to provide fun entertainment for your guests. I know you are busy planning your wedding, and on that day, trust me, you will be super busy with hair, make-up, photos, precious time with your loved ones, and doing your best to make sure everything goes over smoothly, It is important that while you are in the planning stages to consider your guests, especially during the down times. For instance, at 95% of the weddings I attended, right after the ceremony the infamous wedding photos are are taken, usually while your guests are making their way to the reception hall, or during the cocktail hour. If the down time is considerable, guests will start getting antsy. Photo booths are a perfect way to fill this space during your wedding day. Guests can enjoy themselves being goofy and taking great photos in the booth, while waiting for the bride and groom to return or for the reception to begin. Most of all everyone is having fun!


Since we are already talking about those infamous wedding photos, why stop there? Your guests love to strike a pose just as much as you do. Photo booths provide adorable and many times funny photos for the bride and groom to cherish well after the wedding is over. They are also a great way to see what your guests were up too, while you were not around. The professional photos that you take will be framed and on prominent display, while the snaps taken in the booth will be in your keepsake album so you can flip through and enjoy later. Trust me, you will cheer up every single time you flip through those pages.


The print outs from your special day are safely resting in your keepsake album waiting for the next function at your place so they can come out to play. Your guests will have their own copies, personalized with your wedding's theme and your special hashtag of the day. These photos can double as party favors for your guests and their own personal keepsakes from the wedding. It is at least one extra step you can cross off of your list.


Let's face it, you love pop, while your husband is more into 90s hip hop, and well, your great aunt, she prefers jazz. While you and your wedding party are getting down on the dance floor, some of your guests will be watching from a distance - feeling left out. Photo booths are fun for people of all ages, musical genres, and dancing ability. They are also a great way to help your guests reconnect with folks they haven't seen in a while, or break the ice in meeting someone new while waiting in line. Think of it as a great gathering place for all of your guests to participate!


The final reason you should definitely have a photo booth is because they are an easy way to make your wedding an astounding success on social media. Some booths have social media integration that allows your guests to upload directly to their social media pages at the booth or from a kiosk. That silly boomerang, GIF, or short video can be instantly uploaded to the major social media platforms with a few simple touches or clicks. So no worries if your guest's phone dies, they can still post photos using the couple's hashtag directly from the photo booth.

If you want a wedding filled with laughs, endless fun and great memories, a photo booth is definitely the right source of entertainment for your big day!

XOXO, YoSnap

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